My name is Diego Cinquegrana and these pages contain an ongoing presentation of my work & non-work activities . After a classical and artistic education, I entered the world of design and new media, co-founding a communications company in Switzerland dealing with the creation of brands for small and large businesses and the creation of innovative cultural projects mainly in the historical-educational field. The creative approach has always been a constant and has roots in my artistic path which also extends to the musical field, with the conception and participation in various projects. Last but not least is my passion for history and antiques which, through the teachings of my grandparents, has accompanied me since my early adolescence, providing me with a priceless tool of Knowledge and, at the same time, of Orientation. Over the years, what was a small personal historical collection has grown, becoming a significant historical archive intended for students, researchers and institutions. Thank you for your attention and welcome, step forward to visit my chambers, or click your heels three times, say “There is no place like home” and there you will return.